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Our Satisfied Bitrix24 Clients

Our client testimonials speak for themselves: we have countless satisfied customers and offer a smooth project flow. Our Bitrix24 specialists always do their best to deliver a tailored Bitrix24 platform, optimised according to every customer's needs, with professional advice to match. In the last few years, we have completed over 200 projects of varying sizes, spanning many industries and sectors. Our client testimonials attest to the quality of the work we produce. New users benefit especially from having a reliable partner with many years of experience with Bitrix24 projects.

NIKKUS Digital Solutions GmbH
NIKKUS Digital Solutions GmbH turns events into experiences using its precision and experience,  under the motto 'live - digital - hybrid'. Every year, the company carries out around 1,500 events. NIKKUS plans and produces congresses, corporate events, conferences, meetings, trade fairs, and product presentations with aesthetically sophisticated, smart, and budget-compliant event solutions. This is done digitally, as well as on-site nationwide, or in preferred event locations or studios in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Munich. HIRSCHTEC DCS supported NIKKUS in the initial configuration of the CRM system based on Bitrix24, from the configuration platform, to deal with management processes as well as automation.
Innsbruck, the Provincial Capital
The City of Innsbruck is a modern municipality with around 130,000 inhabitants. As the capital of the province of Tirol, the administration has to fulfil a wide range of tasks and aims to provide the citizens with the greatest possible benefits, thus contributing to their quality of life. In order to fulfil these tasks competently, economically, and sustainably, the city of Innsbruck uses Bitrix24 as an internal platform for project management and increased digital collaboration for the 500 current users. HIRSCHTEC DCS provides technical support for the city on all issues relating to the product.
Chamber of tax advisors: Niedersachsen
The Niedersachsen chamber of tax advisors is a self-administered association of tax advisors in the area.

As a public law corporation, the chamber performs its legal obligations and represents the interests of its members. The aim is to promote and further develop the tax advisory profession as a liberal field and as a bastion for the administration of tax justice in public opinion.

HIRSCHTEC DCS is a service provider to the Niedersachsen chamber of tax advisors and enables the secure interaction of their members via their internet and communication platform with Bitrix24. The focus is on mutual digital communication and cooperation across the current 1,500 platform users. Additionally, the chamber uses a number of bespoke CRM functions.
Dr. Paul Lohmann
Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH, Co. KGaA is an owner-run manufacturer and developer of mineral salts, with its headquarters in Emmerthal in Germany. These days, the company, whose history dates back to 1886,  boasts a product lineup of over 400 different salts, with over 7,000 different specifications. Dr. Paul Lohmann ® delivers specialist salts to customers all over the world to clients in the food industry, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal nutrition, and technology. HERSCHTEC DCS performs comprehensive consultation and support for the client in the development and customisation of their intranet, based on Bitrix24, as well as providing technical support for the platform.
Lettermann Sanitätshaus GmbH
For Lettermann Sanitätshaus GmbH from Viersen, Germany, as a modern service company in the healthcare sector, the focus is on rehabilitating people with special needs. It specialises in the provision of appropriate aids and the facilitation of daily life. HIRSCHTEC DCS advises the client on technical issues and supports the adaptation of a Bitrix24-based intranet for its 150 or so employees.
The 310KLINIK is a hospital in northern Nuremberg, specialised in surgery. The 310KLINIK treats patients irrespective of their insurance status and works using the latest scientific findings with a large team of specialised and committed doctors and nurses. The 310KLINIK offers its patients a sophisticated surgical-orthopaedic-spinal spectrum with around 100 employees. HIRSCHTEC DCS set up an intranet for the clinic based on Bitrix24 and further adapted it according to the customer's needs. Additionally, our digital workplace experts provide technical support.
Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe
The Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe is one of the oldest and most prestigious art museums in Germany. The world-class collection spans eight centuries of art history and is home to major works from German, French, and Dutch artists. The Kunsthalle has been working intensively on a digital strategy for several years to benefit from digital transformation actively. In doing so, the Kunsthalle is pursuing its educational mission in the digital realm. For the museum, HIRSCHTEC DCS has implemented an intranet based on Bitrix24 with strategy workshops and the initial configuration and installation. The first step of the project was the development of an internal ticketing system for employees. HIRSCHTEC DCS continues to support the client with technical support, training, and developing further sectors in the course of its intranet implementation.
Schorer + Wolf
Founded in 1935 in Kempten, Germany, SCHORER + WOLF is a service company whose core competencies lie in reporting, inspection, and security. The strong commitment of its employees particularly characterises this family-run company. HIRSCHTEC DCS provided extensive advice and support for the client in implementing and configuring an intranet based on Bitrix24 for around 250 users and continues to provide technical support for the platform as required.
Heimerle + Meule GmbH
As Germany's oldest gold and silver refinery, Heimerle + Meule is all about lasting values - with their products, philosophy, and company's history all steeped in tradition. Founded in 1845 in the town of Pforzheim, the company has become one of the leading European full-service providers in the precious metal processing sector. HIRSCHTEC DCS supported Heimerle + Meule GmbH to introduce an internal intranet based on Bitrix24 for around 100 users and now provides ongoing technical support.
Global Finanz
True to the motto "financial planning is planning for life," the company Global Finanz 24 accompanies its clients throughout their lives – growing with them: from pension provision to wealth accumulation and investment. All their advisors have the expertise, integrity, and the ability to understand and implement their clients' wishes and needs. In this way, they create a solid basis for a client relationship built on trust, which often lasts a lifetime. HIRSCHTEC DCS implemented the introduction of the Bitrix24-based CRM system for the company to optimise its sales and communication processes further. This included installation, configuration, customisation, further development, training, workshops, and technical support.
As an international system provider, FRIWO, headquartered in Ostbevern, Germany, develops and produces digitally controllable power supply and drive solutions for future-oriented sectors such as mobile tool technology, industrial applications, medical technology, and electro-mobility. The product portfolio includes intelligent components for electric drive trains in addition to technologically advanced chargers, battery packs, and power supply units. The range of solutions extends from displays to the motor control and drive unit – to even the software that controls it. HIRSCHTEC DCS has taken on the design and implementation of a Bitrix24-based intranet for FRIWO and the associated training for the approximately 500 users who have been active on the platform since 2018. HIRSCHTEC DCS's digital experts also provide ongoing technical support for the platform.
KÄLTE-KLIMA Firmengruppe
The KÄLTE-KLIMA group of companies is made up of six refrigeration and air conditioning specialist firms. The parent company, Bertuleit & Bökenkröger GbmH, is one of the ten leading suppliers in the refrigeration and air conditioning sector in Germany. Approximately 230 employees ensure the refrigeration and air-conditioning systems maintain optimum temperatures. An intranet was introduced to network all employees, serving as a platform for information, communication, and exchange that can be operated from a desktop computer or on the go with smartphones and tablets. HIRSCHTEC DCS built the collaboration and internet system for KÄLTE-KLIMA based on Bitrix24 and provided support in the conception, initial configuration, training, and technical aftercare.
Founded in Hamburg, Germany, in 2009, ZAL, the Centre for Applied Aeronautics Research, is the leading technology research and development platform for civil aviation. Industry and research partners work under one roof on the integration and industrialisation of innovative aviation technologies. Essential prerequisites are cross-departmental communication and networking. The up-to-the-minute workplaces consist of halls, laboratories, and offices. Together with HIRSCHTEC DCS, ZAL is implementing a collaboration and project management system for around 100 users based on Bitrix24. HIRSCHTEC DCS supported ZAL in the initial configuration and workshops and now conducts training and provides ongoing technical support.
ZIMM delivers electromechanical movement with precision. Like the modular system for our transmission technology, our digital workplace needs to offer powerful tools and leave room for innovation. We found what we were looking for with Bitrix24 On-Premises and have relied on HIRSCHTEC DCS's support since the beginning of 2019. In addition to the much-used standard modules for internal communication and task management, it is primarily the smaller further developments and adjustments that create added value for our approximately 130 employees.
Berliner Stadtmission
The Berlin City Mission has been an independent association for over 140 years, under the umbrella of the Evangelical Church of Berlin-Brandenburg-Schlesische Oberlausitz. The organisation, consists of around 1,000 full-time and 1,800 voluntary staff, carries out missionary and diaconal work in large cities with more than 80 facilities and projects. It provides particular support to marginalised people. HIRSCHTEC DCS is supporting the Berliner City Mission and the approximately 1,000 internal users in the conception and initial configuration and the further development of an intranet solution based on Bitrix24. Also, corresponding training courses are held hand in hand with the provision of technical support.
AVA Abfallverwertung Augsburg
The waste utilisation plants at AVA Abfallverwertung Augsburg KU, AVA for short, began operations in 1994 and serve to dispose of municipal and commercial waste from the Augsburg city area and neighbouring districts. At AVA, the environment is in good hands. With this fundamental philosophy, AVA recycles the waste of more than one million people from Augsburg and the region. AVA relies on Bitrix24 as a central and structured tool for process flows and document management. As a transparent project management system and collaboration platform, Bitrix24 facilitates the distribution of tasks and communication. HIRSCHTEC DCS supports AVA in the implementation and utilisation of the software solution throughout the company.
GLS Austria
GLS Austria is a leading parcel service in Austria with a standard nationwide delivery time of fewer than 24 hours. Integrated express delivery, an international network, and secure IT solutions - at GLS Austria, the focus is on quality. Thanks to the many additional services flexibly adapted to our customers' needs, no desire remains unfulfilled. The superordinate GLS Group is present in 45 European countries, Canada, on the West Coast of the USA, and is connected to the whole world through partnerships. Since April 2018, HIRSCHTEC DCS has been managing the complete installation, configuration, and customisation of the Bitrix24 platform for GLS Austria based on its requirements, creating the optimal intranet solution for their digital workplace. Bitrix24 thus provides GLS with a modern, efficient control centre for internal projects and process management and collaboration between the approximately 250 project participants.
DESCH Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
DESCH Antriebstechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been globally active in modern mechanical and plant engineering since its foundation in 1906. As a market leader in drive technology, the family-owned company has its roots in Germany's Sauerland region. It offers innovative, customer-specific solutions in the field of drive technologies. The name DESCH is synonymous with the highest quality and service. With the support of HIRSCHTEC DCS, the company is taking the next step towards a digital future. It is setting up a modern, efficient control centre for internal projects and process management with Bitrix24. The tool enables all employees to be reached quickly and coordinated to stay informed and organise their teamwork. Bitrix24 is also the optimal international project and information exchange solution for approximately 400 colleagues.
A modern intranet for all 100 or so colleagues at the Alexander Fleming School, a digital file storage system, and a calendar to manage appointments efficiently: These were prerequisites of the vocational school for health and social care in Stuttgart, Germany. With the support of HIRSCHTEC DCS, the school chose Bitrix24 to introduce an intranet as a virtual workspace. This allows the various demands of the college to be incorporated and precisely adapted into the project. The platform also made it possible to create separate groups for project administration and manage file storage securely. At the same time, it functions as a control centre for emails, coordination, and other business operations. In short, it is the new virtual workspace.
plasmo Industrietechnik GmbH
A robust intranet for all employees: At Plasmo Industrietechnik, a leading provider of automated quality assurance solutions, Bitrix24 satisfies multiple requirements for the 40 employees all at once. The central platform is used for contact management, a project management tool, and a valuable information source. With the support of HIRSCHTEC DCS, a document generator was implemented as an application that makes it possible to automatically feed CRM data into document templates and thus quickly issue quotations. In the future, the platform will also map workflows and grant access to external parties.
TALIS Haftetiketten
Stay up to date and never miss a deadline: Bitrix24 takes task management at Talis Haftetiketten to a whole new level. The project management tool creates a central place to collect, delegate and track tasks. For the 18 active users at the packaging printing company, this means more productivity and the timely completion of tasks. HIRSCHTEC DCS installed the software and provided the company with ongoing support for technical issues.
HSP Gruppe
Strengthening collaboration within individual, independent groups while simplifying communication across the entire company: with the enterprise version of Bitrix24 and HIRSCHTEC DCS as a technical support partner, this is now possible for the HSP Group, a Germany-wide cooperative of tax consultants, auditors, and lawyers. The Bitrix24 platform facilitates organisation-wide communication and collaboration for the 700 users. Also, there are different sub-portals for individual branches.
SPRINTIS Schenk GmbH & Co. KG
Finally, the search is over: with the on-premises version of Bitrix24, the collected know-how of the SPRINTIS wholesale trade organisation's employees is documented in a knowledge database in a comprehensible way and made accessible to everyone. As an organisation dedicated to printing and bookbinding supplies, the task management tool facilitates cooperation across the board. The Activity Stream keeps over 70 active users up to date on the most critical company news. SPRINTIS is supported technically by the experts from HIRSCHTEC DCS, who also oversaw the solution's migration to a new server environment.
TAIFUN Software AG
Accessing knowledge quickly and exchanging information with colleagues around the clock via social media functions: Bitrix24 makes this possible for the more than 80 employees at TAIFUN Software AG, a commercial software manufacturer for several industries. The HIRSCHTEC DCS's experts supported the company in introducing the platform by installing both the self-hosted version and developing a knowledge database app. The result: improved internal communication in real-time.
S·CON Datenschutz
The experts at S·CON Datenschutz specialises in data protection support for companies, organisations, and authorities. They were looking for the whole package: a platform that bundles everything - document and task management, CRM, and chat functions for internal communication. What did they find? Bitrix24. Initially used in the Cloud version, HIRSCHTEC DCS oversaw migration to the self-hosted variant and conducted workshops and training for the 12 employees. The next step? Newsletter distribution via Bitrix24.
Crossculture academy
Organising seminars spontaneously and paperlessly: thanks to Bitrix24, this is what is already happening at the Cross-Culture Academy, Germany's first online B2B platform for intercultural education. Introduced with the support of HIRSCHTEC DCS, the intranet software solution ensures improved internal collaboration across borders. And what's more: with its real-time communication functions, collaboration, and CRM, Bitrix24 has long since become an indispensable tool in the daily work of the 22 employees.
BBN provides innovative IT solutions for the food industry. Their portfolio includes the merchandise management system BBN-Software for bakeries and confectioners, the cross-sector workforce solution BBN-PEPZeit (BBN-PEP Time) for resource planning, time logging, and access control, and the cash register system solution BBN-Kasse (BBN Cashier), as well as BBN-Connect, for the online networking of the organisational areas of a company. In 2018, HIRSCHTEC DCS introduced a CRM based on Bitrix24 for the client and its employees. This included a workshop on Bitrix24 best practices, the installation, and the system's basic configuration. Automation of the business processes in workflows was configured for the client. Currently, HIRTSCHTEC DCS continues to provide technical support for the platform.
Aktion Zivilcourage
Aktion Zivilcourage is an independent association offering social and political education for all age groups, supporting governmental and non-governmental organisations. With its work, the association strengthens democratic processes and promotes engagement in politics, especially in the German region of Saxony. HIRSCHTEC DCS has created a platform for communication and project management by introducing a Bitrix24-based CRM system for around 50 users and provides ongoing technical support.

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